Denise Brossman



Denise Brossman has written jokes for Jeff Foxworthy; trekked through Nepal; done Improv and Stand Up - excelling at neither; enjoyed a cocktail with her hero Larry Gelbert; been the editor of a newspaper; shot her own short on the WB lot; rescued four dogs and one husband; exchanged pleasantries with Carrot Top while awaiting an elevator and gone vegan for a week and a half.  However, her greatest achievement by far is sharing a life with hubby Jim  for 30+ glorious years and genetics with their two bairn - daughter Brooke and son Dylan. 

Brossman has created content for production and/or distribution by NBCUniversal, Sprout, Scholastic, Out of the Blue Enterprises, Edendale Pictures, Amazon and others.

She is a member of Children’s Media Association; The Writer’s Guild of America East Animation Caucus; New York Women in Film and Television and Utah Women in Film and Television.

Lookie here what i did!

DENISE BROSSMAN Writer Resume 6 2019 (pdf)